Avalara Field Integration

Does anybody know which field Avalara pulls from in Epicor to calculate tax against? I’m assuming it’s in OrderRelTax table. We have a case where we don’t want tax calculated against the total extended line price, so hoping we can write our “adjusted” value into the field that’s integrated with Avalara.

You’d be better off breaking out the non-taxable part as a separate line (or misc charge) with a different tax category.

There are a couple ways to handle this. Your best bet is contact your CAM or Regional Manager and we can hook you up with one of our 4 consultants that are experts in this area. If you implemented Tax Connect not long ago you most likely still have some hours on the project we would have created for this task.

@MarkH could you elaborate a bit on your scenario? Is this a case where you have a partial exemption based on the customer’s intended use of the product?

@tmcgrady was able to provide the answer. (Not the one I was hoping for, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat, right?)

In case it helps anybody else, here’s some details:
Company treats “services” as Parts in Epicor (sharpening, grinding, etc). Parent part (configured) is set as a Sales Kit. “Services” (materials) are selected within Configurator which calculates a price for each one. To make it more interesting, some “services” are taxable and some are not. Upon Save, standard Epicor functionality takes over which creates Parent Order Line w/ accompanying Component Line for each “Service”. Since these “services” are Parts in Epicor, each has it’s own Tax Category which allows it to have tax calculated accordingly by Avalara. All rolls up to Parent and we’re good.

Now, the company would like to implement Mfg Jobs since currently all of these “jobs” are being managed by SO copies on the shop floor. Good decision. So, we were hoping to convert the “services” to actual Operations and have the configurator still create pricing per each one, while calculating an amount which would be taxable versus the total order line amount. Our best shot at doing that was if Avalara pulls from a field other than Ext Line Total; maybe something in OrderRelTax table which we could populate with our taxable amount. But, Terry confirmed that’s not the case so we can’t manipulate the amount that gets passed to Avalara as we hoped.

But, oh well, we have a Plan B to review on Monday which may just work. : )