Avalara Purchased by Vista Equity Partners

Interesting, I just found this morning that Avalara was purchased by Vista Equity Partners.


I wonder what this will mean for the future between Avalara and Epicor integrations.


That’s crazy!

I was wondering the same thing, Joe, when I saw the email in my inbox.

If you go check them out, they have a LOT of companies - and a decent handful of ERPs as well. I’m not thinking they are too involved with each of them other than making sure they make money - but we’ll see I guess.


Maybe those other companies use Avalara and ship to Colorado! #FixColoradoRDF

They also own KnowBe4 and Pluralsight.

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I’m guessing much won’t change. They’ll just be owned by the big giant that is Vista Equity. As @MikeGross said, they own a bunch of other companies.

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