Avatax - Invalid Origin Address: Country ISO Code is required

Hello All,

When we are doing a credit memo for an RMA, I cannot get the taxes to calculate on the credit memo invoice.

I have already checked the site, company , and warehouse addresses and they all have the country code filled in.

It keeps saying this:


Likely this:

Thanks Jason, that is set up correctly.

I don’t understand the issue, been going back and forth with support most of the morning.

If I don’t use the ISO code verification it works fine. The stranger part is that we had a shipment that we invoiced from the same exact origin location and that one uses the correct ISO code, but this certain one does not.

@utaylor In company config on the tax connect tab you find find an option to use ISO validation, take a look at that setting.

Yes, I am using that option. That is why it is failing, it isn’t finding an ISO code when doing the tax calculation.

However, if I turn that option off it works… It is failing only for a select few invoices. These invoices are shipping from the same origin with the same iso code as the hundreds of invoices that have correctly processed through avatax using ISO code verification.

I can’t seem to figure out why these select few invoices are throwing the origin error.

Thanks @bderuvo

You said it was a Credit Memo. Did the Invoice being credited have the proper tax info?

And don’t forget, taxes are calculated on the destination. So even shipment went to a specific ShipTo, that address is what will be used to calc the tax. The CM might just be trying to use the customer’s main address (or bill to), and that’s not matching up with the original invoice.

Thanks for the info. That’s kinda what I am looking for @ckrusen I am hoping that someone could point me in the right direction and tell me what exactly the service is looking at.

The original shipment shipped from a warehouse that has a proper address… it is the same address that countless other invoices have used, which makes me think that it’s looking at something different for this credit memo. There is no documentation on it. I have been given some KB articles that explain the hierarchy of where the origin address is sourced from, but it doesn’t say anything about a credit memo.

I will check the customers address the next time it happens, but in this case, when I turned off the ISO setting, I saw that the address that was being used was our plant address.

Look at the destination address. Were it ends up usually dictates which tax authority’s rules need to be used.

Destination is good. It is complaining about the origin.

This is what I was told:

"Most likely the Ship From (Origin) address or perhaps just the country portion of it is missing from a particular Epicor ERP table, perhaps due to a timing issue where the RMA credit memo may have been initially created before your recent warehouse, site, and company address changes were recorded. If you are familiar with the Data Dictionary Viewer and the BAQ Designer you may be able to select and view the record(s) in the TaxSvcDetail table for the RMA credit memo to confirm if the FromCountry field is missing. That is the only thing that currently comes to mind for your issue. "