Backflush question in latest version of E10

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I have been working with Epicor since Vantage 8.0 and up to Epicor 10.0. I have not had the chance to work with E10.1 and up.

My understanding has always been that you cannot backflush lot controlled material.

I’m working with a company that has a user that says when he was working at another company, that was on 10.2, you could backflush lot control material.

Is this correct? Does E10.2 have the functionality to backflush lot control material?

How would the system know which lot the employee chose? Even if Epicor doesn’t explicitly stop you from doing it, how would it work?

User reports quantity in MES and scans in lot. IssueMaterial is done for quantity required to make the quantity they are reporting. We do that with a customization thousands of times a day.

Is scanning the lot out of the box? Or did you need to customize to get that?

Basically we put a textbox on the report quantity screen in MES. They go into report quantity and type int he amount that they are reporting. They then scan in the source lot they are using. We validate that the part is a valid part by checking JobMtl and using the LotSelectUpdateAdapter to get the lots part number.

Then the STK-MTL transaction is done using IssueReturnAdapter. There is a a lot more to what we do, but that is the basic. If they scrap material they have a box to issue the whole lot if it runs out before the Qty/Parent would expect it to.

So to answer @joerojas’s original question, to the best of my (our?) knowledge, you cannot backflush with lot tracked material, out of the box. You can however customize a solution to mimic backflushing like @mmcwilliams is doing.

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I should have read thoroughly. We are on 10.2 and yes it definitely has to be custom from everything we have seen. We have not found that anywhere in the base product.

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I can verify that - no Lot Tracked backflushing in 10.2. And as an additional note, the backflush amount/timing is determined by your material requirement’s setting of qty/parent UOM.

If by chance, your operation call for the entire amount rather than a per unit amount, the very first labor transaction that reports even 1 unit as being complete, it will cause the entire amount to be backflushed.

There is an exception case where the system does allow Lot Tracked materials to be “backflushed”…

Kanban Receipts screen - we previously used this to record finish product, but have now moved to jobs so that Epicor visibility of what’s coming up not just what has happened.

I was always of the opinion that you couldn’t have backflush, and lot tracked materials - BUT, was suprised when just for a giggle I configured a material on one of our finished parts to be Lot Tracked and then tried Kanban Receipts - it puts up a form as part of the transaction, and asks the user for that Lot Tracked material which lot they used! :slight_smile: So your used might have experienced this functionality in the past.

ps. Screenshot included as evidence of not going crazy. pps. Screenshot taken from EpicCare case, where I was reporting that it wasn’t working properly :slight_smile: ppps. Only in Epicor would 0.11 not be equal to 0.11 :joy:

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Thanks all for the input.

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