Backflushing is working, but cannot get it to take from the correct bin location, preference would be primary bin

I’ve recently been trying to setup back flushing.
The process seems to be working as I believe it should be (material is being issued), my issue is that when I check after it has issued material from the incorrect bin location as setup on each individual part.
Input/Output/Backflush are all set as the same, the thinking behind this is the hierarchy that exists suggests that it will move on if on hand is zero, therefore my thinking was that it would skip to primary bin option.
On top of it taking it from the input bin this bin seems to be allowed to go negative, as is happening after we tried to ensure this location was empty to enable it to skip it.
Auto-move is not ticked on. I tried not having any if the input/output or backflush defined, but this stops jobs being released at the next stage as the error message requires location to be ticked and if location is ticked it needs a valid bin.
I’m confused!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There have been a few posts discussing backflush hierarchy.

Thank you, I’ve had a read through and will try removing the backflush warehouse and bin. Fingers crossed.

bderuvo, it worked!! Thank you. Another quick query though…when looking back at the job after backflushing I see lots of green ticks, but I’m wondering what the little blue dot is trying to tell me. I can see that it has flushed something, but not sure why it doesn’t go green like the others.
Much appreciated.

I believe the blue dot means the qty per calculates out to 0.