Bad data returned - only one specific user


I have a user account that I’m having a reporting issue with…but it’s just this account.

No matter what PO/receipt we pull up, if the part in question is not lot tracked, when tags are printed this same lot number comes up. Parts/receipts that are lot tracked and have lot data print just fine.


Every other account I’ve tested with returns the correct data…


I’m totally stumped on this one…any ideas?

Thank you.

Ryan when you go to print the part tags report- choose “reset or remove (i can’t remember which) defaults.”

then close the prompt and try to print again.


@rirish With the print dialog open for that user try action remove defaults. You may also see a Personalization in Personalization Purge for that dialog.


Excellent!! You both nailed it, remove defaults was the solution.

Many thanks to both…I had exhausted all reset options in the receiving module, but didn’t think to do so at the print dialog level. Lesson learned.

Thanks again!

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