Ballpark Azure monthly costs for hosting Epicor DB and App server?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I did a little cloud thingy awhile back but the tl;dr is: the more control you want, the more expensive it will be. If you want a bare-metal machine, you will pay dearly for it. If you share that machine with other VMs it’s cheaper. If you use their platform (like SalesForce) it gets cheaper, if you can utilize app service or functions, it can be very inexpensive. But in the case of Kinetic today, you have no choice but to run in a VM. I’m not sure about your web store. Is it the Epicor eCommerce solution or your own?

The interesting bit coming down the road is when Kinetic is running in containers (K2024?). There could be some savings there depending how it’s architected. Azure has AKS but also other less expensive container services. We just don’t know what Epicor will support yet and what the performance would be like in those other services. :person_shrugging: