BAM it all... Blank Title 52710

Just checking with the more experienced users, you can only AutoPrint through
BAM on Report Data Definitions that are System definitions or those that are
duplicates of definitions that are system based. Right?

Now, I'm trying to auto-print two reports from one BAM. I setup two rules in
the Report Data Definition when AutoPrintReady is true, one for each Crystal
Report. In BAM, I say to Auto-Print when my Data Definition (a duplicate of
OrderAck) sees a change in the OrderHed.AutoPrintReady flag is true.

I had setup two BAMs but I was getting both reports twice. I've also noticed
that my custom report data definition may or may not show up in the drop down
box for Auto-Print data definition ID and I'm not sure why.

Oh yeah, V8.03


Mark W.