BAM Procedure Question

I have a procedure that I run from BAM based on the LaborDtl table.
When triggered, I would like this procedure to be able to total the scrap
for the current operation on the job for use in a label. Unfortunately, the
only place I find Scrap quantities is in the LaborDtl record, so this would
mean calling up the LaborDtl table again for a search based on values from
my current record in the LaborDtl table to find others for the same
job/assm/oper. Something like...
FOR EACH LaborDtl WHERE (LaborDtl.Company = LaborDtl.Company)...
This does not make logical sense to me. Am I missing something about a
method of calling a table as an alias or something like that?
Any help would be appreciated.
Aaron Hoyt
Vantage Plastics