Bank Adjustment vs Bank Statement processing

Hi Support,
We have posted wrongly with ABC instead of DEF , payment voucher
Subsequently, we adjusted to the correct bank – DEF by Bank Adjustment Transaction which posted at 9:36:01 am, 10/6/2019 (1st Bank Adjustment Transaction).

CR DEF– RMxxxxxxxx

DR ABC– RM1xxxxxxxx

We can see this adjustment in both GL listing, but not in Bank Statement Processing, as shown below under DEF, there is no CR amount of RM xxxxxxx

At last, we decided to reverse the Bank Adjustment Transaction, by posting another reverse entries, as at 2:41:46 pm, 10/6/2019 (2nd Bank Adjustment Transaction).

DR DEF – RMxxxxxxx

CR TL ABC– RMxxxxxxxx

And, void the payment voucher, issue another correct payment voucher with the DEF bank.

What we found that the correct payment voucher was shown in Bank Statement Processing, somehow, the 2nd Bank Adjustment Transaction also shown in the Bank Statement Processing, whereas the 1st Bank Adjustment Transaction was missing.

How do i trace the 1st Bank Adjustment Transaction in the Bank Statement Processing.