Bank reconciliation

My company hasn’t done the bank rec within Epicor since June 2019 and I’ve been tasked with getting it caught up. I started going through the month and it seems pretty straightforward, however, I have run into an issue. I had a few transactions that were not matched, then I matched them, then realized that they were supposed to be in the next month and deleted them from the matched panel and I thought that they’d reappear on the umatched panel but they don’t. Were they, in fact, deleted?
Also, what can I do with transactions that don’t match the bank seeing that it is almost 2 years old and the periods are closed. I can’t post any entries as that would change the financials…For example, I have a deposit that cleared the bank for $250 > ledger. Any suggestions?

The entries do not get deleted. You might have to retrieve again.You can change the apply date to today to post the statement.