Bank Reconcilliation in EPICOR 9.05.607

A couple of possible reasons

Have you posted Journals to the Bank account? These won't show in the Bank
Reconciliation. Secondly, are you using Bank Transfer to move money from one
currency account to another currency account - that seems to produce strange
results depending on your setup


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I am having on-going issues with my Bank Reconciliations in Epicor 9.05.607. We have had a call in with Epicor for several months now and they cannot give us an answer. When accounting does their bank reconciliation each month the goal is to balance the ending balance of the Statement to the bank balance in Epicor, and both of those should balance to the general ledger. I can get the Statement to balance the GL the last 3 months since we upgraded to 607 the listed bank balance in Epicor itself will not match. What's even more puzzling is that the number keeps getting farther off each month when we post a new Statement. And the numbers are big when they finished posting the statement for this month, it is now off by $377,740.17. I can't find any rhyme or reason as to why it is off. The only good news is, that every time Accounting makes a deposit or process a check then goes back and compares the GL to what Epicor says the current bank balance is, and when adding the variance listed above it always matches to the penny. So – I'm confident that the GL is correct, although very frustrated that the stated bank balance in Epicor is so far off. I'm only taking about our general account here… payroll and pension accounts are significantly off as well. Any Ideas out there?