Bank Statement Processing - Error on Retrieving Unmatched Transactions


I am not sure if anyone else is having the same issue. We have historically used bank statement processing (since vantage 6) to clear checks through the bank statement only. Since we upgraded to Epicor 10 and now 11, I am having a timeout error that occurs when I try to retrieve our “unmatched transactions”. We normally have about 150 open checks per month, so it shouldn’t be excessive.

I have attempted this in both the classic and new kinetic forms and receive the same error in both cases. I have also tried to limit my time period selection, to no avail. Anyone have thoughts on where to start fixing my issue?

Error Information:
An error occurred while reading from the store provider’s data reader. See the inner exception for details.

*Error Detail *
Message: An error occurred while reading from the store provider’s data reader. See the inner exception for details.
Inner Exception Message: Lock request time out period exceeded.
Program: Epicor.ServiceModel.dll
Method: CallWithCommunicationFailureRetry


Did you ever figure this out? We are seeing this today and not sure what to do to fix it.

Hey guys. I think we’ve been having the same issue for the past couple of years, with no resolution. We experience it predominantly in one specific bank account in one specific company, but we have seen it happen on another account in another company. Have either of you discovered any more information on what might cause this or how to fix it? Epicor Support was unable to do much because I cannot recreate the issue for them, yet it happens consistently every month end, sometimes mid month as well, though not as frequently.

Good Afternoon, I have still not gotten any solutions from Epicor on this. I have started to pull checks into Bank Statement Processing more often (weekly instead of monthly). Additionally, I believe that part of my problem was that I was starting to retrieve unmatched checks too quickly after Posting AP Payments. I am now trying to post my final payments the night before retrieving. This seems to be helping some.

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That’s great feedback thank you. We do it weekly as well, yet it’s almost always on month end that the issue surfaces. I’ll talk with out accounting team about trying to put time between posting ap payments and retrieving. Out of curiosity, do you have any more information or references on the relationship between AP Payments and the transactions the bank statement processing screen is retrieving? I’m just too familiar with the overall process enough to understand the direct relationship between the two.

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I do not have any information from Epicor on it. Once the checks are printed in the Payments screen and posted, they should be available for retrieval for the bank statement processing. This is going to occur for any cash receipts or payments, but only once they are posted. I guess I am not sure what other information you may be looking for. If you can clarify the question a bit, I may be able to answer better.


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Thanks Scott. That’s good. My understanding is similar, that once the payments are posted, they should be ready to retrieve almost immediately afterwards. That’s why I was curious if you had any more information around why you try to leave such a large time period between payment posting and retrieving transactions. We have confirmed in the past that all payments have posted before trying to retrieve transactions, but I do think it’s within a few minutes after the posting that someone is trying to load transactions so we’ll try to add more of a gap to see if that has any impact.

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This is what I was doing. I would wait until the posting process appeared complete in the system monitor. I do not know what is going on in the background, but it seems as if there are other processes happening even after the system monitor shows complete. All I have to go on is anecdotal evidence that it seems to help if I wait longer.

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