Bank Statement Processing - Posting hangup

Has anyone experienced a hang-up after completing the bank statement reconciliation where the screen is stuck on posting? I completed the bank statement processing, went through all the steps. The last step was click and . Everything balanced and worked up until that point. Once I clicked on Post Statement, a small red box appeared [posting]. It has been stuck on posting for over a day.

FYI~ The other bank statements processed normally and I had no issues. I’m not sure what happened on this one. Is there a way to interrupt the posting process and restart the process?

It has happened to me before a while back. It was due to having a small variance. Our system is setup to take 3 or 4 decimals but the bank downloaded amount is using 2 decimals, which created a very tiny variance of $0.001. This creating posting error which caused it to be stuck in the posting status.

Do you see a Review journal number next to the posting status?, click on the variance field and see if there is a small variance.
If you do see a review journal#, then you could go to – * Financial Management > General Ledger > General Operations > Review Journalm go to Actions and Cancel the entry and fix error in the bank statement processing and re-post it.

Hi Al,

Thank you for that. I was able to cancel the entry. However, when I went back into the statement processing and pulled up the open statement, it still showed it was trying to Post.

I think you have to fix the error that caused the posting hangup first and then re-post the bank adjustment. I should’ve mentioned above to look at what the error message said under review journal. If it was an out of balance, then you need to find out which payment and bank amount was off and fix it first. Then try to re-post it.
This happened to me a while back (more than a year ago), so my memory is not that good, but i think i delete the Bank Statement and re-entered the whole statement after fixing it. But at that time we were on Epicor version 9 where i was able to mass upload the bank amounts that cleared. In Epicor 10, i am manually clearing each check, so it might take you some time to figure out which line item caused the error.

Ok. I corrected the error. But the “Post Statement” button is grayed out. So now what?

Do any Review Journal entries exist for this? The need to be cancelled first.