Baq bom

I am trying to create dashboard with all our parts with their BOM’s. I have it done except i have a lot of parts that have more than one material on their BOM’s? how do i get more than just the first MtlSeq on it?

@taustin without seeing the baq it is hard to say. do a search for bom explode and there are some good example of how to do this for multilevel boms

I attached the fields i pulled in for the BAQ. Here is the test screen. If you look at the first # 010562000 we use the 882021 plus another material. I need both to show up on this BAQ
Does that help at all?

Sorry here is the attachment

If it is just PartMtl then there a condition stopping the rest. Are there other tables that are joined but not displayed? I would start with no conditions.

This BAQ will need to be a CTE. otherwise, you will only get one level.

Multi-Level BOM creation is fun, you have to figure out which part rev of the child you want to use, as you go down levels of the BOM.

i only have the Part Mtl on it

@knash I think she is just dumping PartMtl, so all materials should show.

Yes but this will not be a multi-level BOM.

sorry it is working. I see what i did wrong. Thank you everyone

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