BAQ Data View not displaying field data

I’ve been going through all the posts related to BAQ Data Views to try and set up my own. I’ve gotten as far as creating the View itself from my BAQ but the only fields that display are those associated with the standard POTracker Dataset (PONum, Line, Release, Job, Asm, Seq); the rest of the fields in the view do not display data. The BAQ itself displays everything fine.

This is a customization of PO Tracker to add some part attribute fields from a related QuoteMtl_UD table.

Any thoughts?

Here’s the code:

extern alias Erp_Contracts_BO_Vendor; extern alias Erp_Contracts_BO_Company; extern alias Erp_Contracts_BO_Part; extern alias Erp_Contracts_BO_VendorPPSearch; extern alias Erp_Contracts_BO_VendCntSearch; extern alias Erp_Contracts_BO_PO; extern alias Erp_Contracts_BO_MiscShip; extern alias Erp_Contracts_BO_Receipt; extern alias Erp_Contracts_BO_Plant; extern alias Erp_Contracts_BO_JobEntry; extern alias Erp_Contracts_BO_JobMtlSearch;

using System;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Data;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using Erp.Adapters;
using Erp.UI;
using Ice.Lib;
using Ice.Adapters;
using Ice.Lib.Customization;
using Ice.Lib.ExtendedProps;
using Ice.Lib.Framework;
using Ice.Lib.Searches;
using Ice.UI.FormFunctions;
using Ice.Lib.Broadcast;

public class Script
// ** Wizard Insert Location - Do Not Remove ‘Begin/End Wizard Added Module Level Variables’ Comments! **
// Begin Wizard Added Module Level Variables **

// End Wizard Added Module Level Variables **

// Add Custom Module Level Variables Here **
BAQDataView baqPartAttributes;
public void InitializeCustomCode()
	// ** Wizard Insert Location - Do not delete 'Begin/End Wizard Added Variable Initialization' lines **
	// Begin Wizard Added Variable Initialization

	// End Wizard Added Variable Initialization

	// Begin Wizard Added Custom Method Calls

	// End Wizard Added Custom Method Calls

public void DestroyCustomCode()
	// ** Wizard Insert Location - Do not delete 'Begin/End Wizard Added Object Disposal' lines **
	// Begin Wizard Added Object Disposal

	// End Wizard Added Object Disposal

	// Begin Custom Code Disposal

	// End Custom Code Disposal
public void CreateLateBAQView()
	baqPartAttributes = new BAQDataView("CC_PORel_QuoteAttributes");

	string pubBinding = "POHeader.PONum";
	IPublisher pub = oTrans.GetPublisher(pubBinding);
		oTrans.PublishColumnChange(pubBinding, "MyCustomPublish");
		pub = oTrans.GetPublisher(pubBinding);

	if(pub !=null)
		baqPartAttributes.SubscribeToPublisher(pub.PublishName, "PORel_PONum");

	pubBinding = "PODetail.POLine";
	IPublisher pub2 = oTrans.GetPublisher(pubBinding);
		oTrans.PublishColumnChange(pubBinding, "MyCustomPublish2");
		pub2 = oTrans.GetPublisher(pubBinding);

	if(pub2 !=null)
		baqPartAttributes.SubscribeToPublisher(pub2.PublishName, "PORel_POLine");

	pubBinding = "PORel.PORelNum";
	IPublisher pub3 = oTrans.GetPublisher(pubBinding);
		oTrans.PublishColumnChange(pubBinding, "MyCustomPublish3");
		pub3 = oTrans.GetPublisher(pubBinding);

	if(pub3 !=null)
		baqPartAttributes.SubscribeToPublisher(pub3.PublishName, "PORel_PORelNum");