BAQ - Default GL Control Codes for Vendors (Not Working!)

Hello all,

I would like to create a query that shows default GL control codes (as set up in Vendor Maintenance) per vendor. I am attempting to link the EntityGL table to Vendor table to acheive this but I’m getting bad results. For example, the following shows control type and code for a specific vendor in Vendor Maintenance:

However, when I specify this vendor in my query, I get altogether different results (that appear in yellow for a reason unknown to me):

Here is my BAQ design. Any thoughts? Maybe my linkage is problematic? Key 1 is indeed vendor number so I assumed I could JOIN on that.



Hi Alice, Try something like this:

I’ve also uploaded BAQ you can try:
GLCONQuery.baq (21.6 KB)

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Thank you so much. Query is great. Well on my way…

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Can I somehow link Vendor table in here? I really would like to retrieve one line per vendor and what default GL account number they report to.