BAQ for all open Sales Orders


Hello ,

I am new to building BAQ’s and trying to make a BAQ to display open orders but am not getting all of them. What do I need to edit or build to show all open orders?
Can I also specify all open orders for a period of time such as the last month?

  • Currently on version ( on-premise)


query builder

query phrase

I would link it the following way. With a criteria on your OrderHed table being OpenOrder = Specified Constant being “1” to signify true. This alone will give you what you need for open orders since it doesnt seem like you are using the OrderMsc table for anything.

If you want to limit the date range you can either do it by adding more criteria or if you want it to be adjustable by creating parameters to be entered in at the time of execution.

This will show you a result for each line item as well for each order since you are using the OrderDtl table.

Thank you!! That worked perfectly to solve the errors I was receiving. I appreciate your assistance.

Question , how do you know what to input in the specified constant ?

Such as you notated , 1: true

What others numbers can you input and there meaning?

In the case of OpenOrder if you look at it in the Display Fields tab you notice it says “Open/Closed” under format and if you look on Phrase Build on the right its type is “bit”. This basically means its either a true or false statement so 1 for true or 0 for false.

In the same sense you can see order date is listed as a “date” on Phrase build tab and {date} under display fields. I don’t remember all the acceptable formats for date but I believe 04/01/24 and 04/01/2024 would both work. as a specified constant to see only open orders from that date. Usually its done as a date range of <= and >=


thank you very much for your guidance and explanation! I am still learning a lot but definitely have tried just trying different scenarios on templates and try to understand what the results are.

Not a problem! Just take your time and ask questions when you run into them. Most everyone if not all of us here are at different stages of our journey but no one is complete in their knowledge as far as I can tell.

Will do , day by day !

Little help for you here…there are some queries in the system that start with Z and those are used for dashboards and other searches in the system…helpful to see how things are created. You can just go to ACTIONS> COPY QUERY then rename it for yourself and make changes to it. Good luck

I appreciate the tutorial video and guidance Miguel!! :sunglasses: