BAQ for Weekly Shipments that only shows single Records

I have a BAQ that generates everything that has shipped since the beginning of the month. However, it is showing multiple lines of data for the same shipments, at first I thought it was the tracking numbers causing this so I removed that from the fields.
Any suggestions?

Ms. Laura: Could it be Lot numbers or Serial Numbers?

Delete off tables one by one until you find the issue is what I usually do.

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Does this has details/releases might be a join issue.

@lbradbury Open up the customer shipment that is making duplicates to see if it has multiple pack lines for a part. If so then you will need to do a sub query to group your parts by packnum.

Add the sysrow ID for each of the tables that you have in the BAQ, and see which “duplicated” rows have different sysrowID’s. That’s the table that is giving you duplicate rows.