BAQ - Link Table to Calculated Field

Can you link a table with the relation being a calculated field for one of the tables? I am trying to have a field for every sales rep on an AR Invoice which has their name. The field on the invoice header is a list of reps separated by a ~. I was able to break out the sales rep ID, but not I can’t link those up to the SalesRep table to grab the name since they are all calculated fields?

Any way to do this?

You should be able to use the calculated field to join to the Sales Rep table

What does your BAQ look like?

What is in the display query field?

Try using the Lookup function and paste it into the relationship section.

You can link to calculated fields using a SubQuery.

Put another instance of InvcHead into a SubQuery, and have that SubQuery return your calculated fields, along with the Invoice Number, so you can link it to the rest of your query.