BAQ Method Directive to add Operations

I have a BAQ that returns all of my assemblies from Job Entry. I want to create an action item that will automatically add the operations to each of the assemblies from the results that do not yet have operations

I am invoking the Erp.JobEntry.AddOperation BO method and have all the parameters set except for the GUID, or ipJobAsmblRowID. Where would I be able to pull this information for each of my assemblies from? I tried digging around the .dlls but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Do a Trace most of the Guid’s if you are not using Mtl Queue are empty. This one looks like the SysRowID of the JobAssembly? So look in JobAssy

I am trying to use ttExecutionInfoRow.SysRowID since that seems like the right direction. When I try to run the custom action however, I get the error “There is no BPM customization attached to RunCustomAction method of MachineShopMainDashboard updatable query in DAG company or BPM system is not enabled” despite the fact that I do have one. my actionID is the same as the PostProcessing Method.

I also put a condition into my method that checks if the actionID is equal to addOP. Is there additional work I have to do to link the BAQ and BAQ directives?

I got the BPM connected now, but when I try using it it says JobAsmbl is not available