BAQ not giving expected results

I am trying to create a dashboard that will show what jobs (for a kit) a certain material & lot went into and then what upper level part that kit went into. I have the BAQ set up in a way that should return those results but I am getting thousands of results. Can anyone tell me what i’m missing?


Is it supposed to be PartTran.JobNum = PartTran2.LotNum?

I think so. That is the job number the raw material went into. Then we use that as the Lot number when that job goes into inventory. I am trying to use that to see what upper level job that original job went into.

Why do you have an outer join? You are looking for only the parts that have a lot number right? Those should inner joins.

While i agree that an inner join should be used, the first table is PartLot. Wouldn’t that only contain lot controlled parts?

@MelissaC - might need to add table criteria to exclude when PartTran.JobNum is null. Id guess there are lots of PartTran records where JobNum is blank.

That, or add the PartTran.TranTypes you’d expect (STK-MTL, MFG-STK, etc…).