BAQ Pivot - Help Needed

I’m creating a baq that I want to pivot out for 12 months from the current month. I would like some help understanding how each of these pieces affects the pivot puzzle.

Thanks for the help!

Is there data for the future 12 months in the system. I have created a few PIVOT queries. The help is good on this topic.

Vinay Kamboj

@dgreenEA, You have followed the below-mentioned steps for Pivot query

  1. Create an inner subquery and get all the columns you require.

  2. Make a custom column to extract month from the Date column

  3. Create a Top-level query and drag the Subquery to Phrase Build.

  4. Right Click on the dragged item and select Pivot > Set Pivot.

  5. In the Pivot Agreegated Expression Editor use formula like Count, Sum etc…

  6. Select the Calculated Field under Pivot SubQuery For Clause

  7. In the Filter value column select Constant List and enter Months as per the below screenshot.

Hope it will work for you…


Expression editor should have the value that you need for the different months like count, sum of something. Like in the example below it is the sum of tranQty.

In the FOR clause the field is the field which has month in it and then it has to be specified as a constant list as the example below.