BAQ- Possibility to add Comment

Sometimes, it would be very beneficial to add comments somewhere in the BAQ in order to increase comprehension in time… especially in the Generial Tab.

A bit like when we save a customization…would be great! The same would be nice with dashboards , bpm’s etc…in order to have ability to add revision info…


As far as dashboards, I believe you can add “Tech notes” that should act similarly to the comments you can enter in customizations.

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Cool i did not notice that! That should work… But having it poping out on the save makes sure you do not forget!!!


Especially needed for BAQ’s … because I created a lot of them to be used in customizations… would just be a nice added feature to have the same !

One step further since, customizations, dashboards and baqs are all just metadata defined, implement revision control between updates all WordPress like LOL

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It would be great to have a date of creation added to BAQs. I can’t tell you how many times I am looking for a BAQ that I wrote but don’t remember the name. I can remember the time frame though. I loved that feature of the AS400 queries I used to right a long time ago…

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Could you customize the ICE table holding the header information for the BAQ to record this and/or the comments. A stop gap opportunity maybe. Then customize the BAQ designer screen. Just a thought for you.

You can’t customize the BAQ Designer.

I was afraid you might say that. The use of “could” and “maybe” was very wise here, glad someone with experience responded. Thank you! :frowning: Oh well!

OK, so here is a thing. One of my customers purchase a set of dashboards from Epicor a few years ago, and one of the underlying queries in the BAQ editor looks like this:

I cannot figure out how they added the disclaimer to the beginning of the query, so I must assume they inserted it via SQL into the DisplayPhrase on the QueryHdr record, which looks like this

While I don’t recommend that us mere mortals do the same, it appears that someone at Epicor also sees the need for adding comments to our queries. Perhaps there is hope.


In this case, that is automatically added to all BAQ’s – can’t remember which update added that, but all my BAQ’s have that at the top.

You could, if you really want, add a method to call a BPM Data Form on GetUsedInBAQList to display stored comments, if they exist. The comments could be added using the same Data Form approach on the update method when the BAQ is created or updated and stored in a table keyed off company and BAQ or something like that.

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Best plan B.

Hmmm… I hadn’t noticed this before, thanks.
I can use this for sure… although it looks like the icon only displays for RunTime dashboards, and disappears once deployed as an assembly?

Anyway… I’d welcome any enhancements to E10 that would allow me to store/display more documentation - or what other users do?
Especially with dashboards where I’ve been using labels, which is a pain in the neck but… ends up being a timesaver (I think) when users can know immediately where the info is coming from, they rarely ask questions now.
for example… here’s one where I listed data sources, selection criteria & how some values are calculated.