BAQ RDD Report Printing Blank

I have a report that is printing blank. Only the header is appearing on the page and no text from my tablix. No errors in System Monitor.

I thought I knew what step I was taking that was causing the issue and what I had done to fix it, but now it’s going blank when I do something as simple as copy the report style and recreating the RDD isn’t fixing it like I though it had previously.

Has anyone seen this before?

I’m trying to filter a report by part.prodcode based on checked boxes at print. My calculated field just checks the parameter and returns true for lines that have a prodcode present in the given list.

It sounds like the Report is still using the initial RDL making a new report creates. It will have the Report Name, data sources and datasets, all pre-configured. But nothing in the body. When you download and upload reports (their RDL’s) using the Epicor client, there’s a rather strict process to follow.


sounds like you’re seeing the same as this poster

I eventually figured out that the kinetic form for printing my report is inconsistent about leaving a string parameter null. The report was printing blank because I had it filtering on a parameter that was supposed to be skipped if empty and the kinetic form was passing it a blank value instead of leaving it null, but apparently only sometimes. Actually putting a value in or using the Classic print form resolved my issue.

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