BAQ Report - Add additional field to RDD

I added an additional calculated field into the existing BAQ that is used in a BAQ Report. Will this automatically be brought into the RDD to add that into the report builder by adding it to the report query? I am trying to not have to re-create a new BAQ Report ID or Report Style whenever just adding one field to the BAQ.

The sync data set button in Report Style Maintenance seems to work well for BAQ Reports, and clicking it should update the data set query in the rdl file to match your BAQ. I’ve noticed it doesn’t work for styles other than the original ‘Standard -SSRS’ style.

Yes, it is for a different style other than the ‘Standard-SSRS’ style. In those instances, did you simply create a new Report Style?

I would highly recommend never using the Sync Dataset button, for any report. It will cause less problems to add the fields manually into the SSRS report.

As to answer you question @cchang, if you created a RDD BAQ Report, the only other place you should have to add the field is inside of the SSRS report (Report Builder). you can try to use the sync dataset option, but it will likely make a mess of your query.


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I’m not sure if creating a new style would work since you would have to copy one of the old styles in order to create it, which may pull in the old rdd too, but I’m not sure. Whenever I had this issue I manually edited the data set query on the rdl file to include the new baq fields.

The only time it’s been useful for me is in this scenario when you have a BAQ report and add a new field to the BAQ, and just the Standard - SSRS report style.

I was going to do this by manually editing the data set query in the report but wasn’t sure it would pick up the additional field automatically in the updated rdd.

I think all you have to do is save the BAQ with the new field in order for it to be in the RDD and you can add it to the query, but I don’t quite remember.