BAQ Report can't be created for all companies

I’ve created many BAQ Reports in the past, but never have I ever had issues. It won’t let me select the dropdown of companies to change it to all. I’m on the latest version of MT cloud

Am I missing something silly?

From the field help:

If you are creating a BAQ report in an Epicor ERP environment, you can select either the All option or the current company option.

If you are creating a BAQ report in an Express or Saas environment, this drop-down list is read-only and displays the current company. You can only create the BAQ report in this current company.

We are Cloud DT and I can’t change this either. Not that we have any other companies to change it to. But I only see our company here and it is greyed out.

I also tried selecting All Companies and Multi Company in the BAQ. This didn’t help. I also looked in the user security settings, but I don’t see anything that would enable this field.

Hmmm. You might be out of luck!

That is rather silly. I was able to get around it with a UBAQ. I don’t see any reason for it to be restricted