BAQ Report - How to Show Job Operations with Zero Transactions

What I am trying to achieve: a list of all job operations with associated hours and costs. It should include operations with zero hours/cost. I can do this with the JobOper table.

My problem: the JobOper table numbers include Entered, Submitted, and Approved hours/cost. I only want to see Approved hours.

Attempted resolution: I wrote a subquery using the LaborDtl table and filtered it on the TimeStatus field. This allowed me to sync the operations to the approved transactions.

My next problem: once I added the subquery, I am no longer seeing results for operations with zero hours. As silly as it sounds, we need to see this because our project managers are using this report to copy & paste those numbers into an offline template in Excel.

And now I’m stuck :slight_smile: Hoping someone can help me!

Edited to add: my report writing skills are currently limited to BAQ Reports, but definitely open to other suggestions!

When you add the subquery to your toplevel query, make the join “All Rows from JobOper”. It should then show null values for the ones with no matches in the subquery.

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Wow, I cannot believe I missed that! That was it. Thank you so much!!