BAQ Report run multiple times?

Can anyone figure out why this particular BAQ report is generated 4 times? The screenshot is from the system monitor.

Multiple Companies? I see a small column in there. 1 is being ran by the manager. What happens when you run the report yourself?

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I see data mentioning emails. Possible that a BPM with an email widget is called multiple times (or multiple email widgets)?

Also, happened at exactly 9:00 AM. So scheduled multiple times?

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oooh my bets are on BPM. Good catch

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@ckrusen & @cfinley: thanks for your comments. As far as I can tell, there is no BPM, though I will continue to look. Originally, this report was an exported BAQ and ran twice. We do have multiple companies, as Chance suspected, but this is only supposed to run once for one company. I disabled the BAQ export and enabled the BAQ report through the Process Set (after that is when it ran four times). And Calvin, this has only one report style with one email widget. The process set has just one task assigned, and the schedule in System Agent has only one task assigned as well. The intent is for the report to run each Wednesday at 9:00am, and that’s it. What am I overlooking?

Other clues to ponder…

  1. Different “By User” (Morgan for 1st, 3rd & 4th instance. Manager for 2nd)
  2. Only the 1st was via System Agent
  3. Only the 1st had the initiator of “Agent”, while 2-4 were “Client”

It looks like I’ve got this resolved, though it took deleting the original Process Set and System Agent schedule and reformulating those from scratch. Of course, that still leaves unexplained why the original didn’t function properly in the first place…

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