BAQ returns no data on table with data

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Hi all. We’re using DMT to migrate data from our 9.04.505C to 10.2.600 and having problems with some BAQs in E9. Most queries of tables return the result we expect but so far 2 tables are coming up blank on the Analyze tab in BAQ designer on E9; Security Groups (SecGroup) and Menu (Menu).
Both of these table have data in them and when I do a SQL query I return the data. I’d prefer to use Epicor’s BAQs for the data rather than constantly querying using SQL.
My BAQ language is simple, its just “for each Menu no-lock”
But it always returns only the column headers but no data.
Are there some tables in E9 that you can’t query? I have all the security and admin rights needed.
Below is a screenshot of the SQL query. Anyone have any ideas? This has even stumped our consultant.

Only Idea I can think of is those have Company = ‘’ since they are for everyone… Perhaps in E9 you have to make your BAQ Cross-Company, All-Companies or somehow specifyc where Company = ‘’ (blank). Assuming E9 is trying to pass in CurrentCompanyID by default for you, returning no rows.

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Thanks for your insight. I’ve tried making the query shared and global (and a combination of) but to no avail. I’m seeing a couple of other descrepancies in the DMT tool so I might just submit a case to Epicor and hope they have some answers.

Does E9 have the table called zDataTable?

In E10 I learned that there are 3 tables restricted by site - see pic below.

I didn’t know if E9 has a similar concept for companies.