BAQ - Select Distinct

Any ideas how I can return distinct records? I am basically joining the Part to the VendPart table, but it’s returning duplicate entries.

Here’s my BAQ with a Left outer join from Part to VendPart based off “Company” and “PartNum”.

This is my return. It’s basically the same, but I cannot have it do a select distinct.

As you can see I only have one part linked to this supplier. Only thing I noticed when I queried just the “VendPart” table is that the effective date changed from 10/2 to 10/3, creating 2 records.

Without having to write a view and use external BAQ, any ways I can get “Select Distinct” in my query?

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You can see the solution to your problem here: BAQ - Get records where one field is unique

Or if you are just trying to use the distinct operator as you would in SQL, go to Query Builder, SubQuery Options, Result Set Rows. Change All to Distinct.image


Ah thank you. Was looking all over for that distinct option. That works.

I am trying to do the same but in E9 where they don’t have sub-queries. Is it possible?