BAQ Sql Error

I understand the example and was able to get it to work. I’m working on a BAQ that is pulling from Part Bin, Warehouse, Lot. I can’t link the PO to any of these tables. I have tried added part tran to my BAQ and linking the last PO query to that but I get an SQL error. I’m not sure which direction to go?

What’s the SQL error? Are you using the PODetail table?

No. I’m not using podetail. I’m using Partbin, partwhse, partlot. I need to pull last PO from part Tran for a particular lot. I’m just not sure what to use to pull the PO from parttran to link it up. BTW how to you attach a screenshot to this message? I’m new to this website. Thanks

Might be better to create a new topic as this one was solved, and your query is looking at different tables.

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