BAQ Table Criteria Approaches

Good morning Epicor Community!
I am writing a BAQ that will pull part information and invoice details.
The only issue is that I need to pull this information for 103 parts.
I could pull them by their parts class, because it includes numerous other parts that are not on the list.

So I can either -

  1. Pull them by parts class and go through a long list to exclude the parts that are not relevant to this assignment.
  2. Create 103 individual table criteria rows to specifically pull the parts I need.

Option 2 sounds much easier, but is time-consuming.

Instead, I’m wondering if anyone knows a table criteria trick that would allow me to grab these parts at once (with a list of the part numbers) instead of creating 103 individual table criteria rows?

As always, you guys are great and I appreciate any suggestions you provide!

If you select the IN operation on the table criteria and the specified constant list for the Filter Value, you can copy and paste the list of values. If you have them in excel it’s real easy.


@jkane has the right idea. Alternatively, you could load the values into a UD table and then use that table as one of your filters. If you have DMT, loading up the UD table is a snap! If you don’t then there are a few extra steps, but it is still pretty easy.

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Woah, this is a great new trick I learned.
Much faster than creating each individual row.
Thanks John, really appreciate it!

I could see how that could be useful in the future, thanks Nate!