BAQ to check lifecycle of all parts in an order

We consider an order as an engineering order if any of the parts in a given order have a lifecycle of engineering. I’m trying to figure out how to implement this in a BAQ or a dashboard. That is for every order look at all parts in the order and if any part has a lifecycle of engineering have a field(or if there is a way to filter for this at the dashboard level) on the order indicating the order is engineering.

I’m thinking maybe I have a subquery that has a 1(integer) in a field if the part has a lifecycle of engineering, then I sum up the field and if it’s greater than 1 the order is eng(not sure if this is possible)… Any suggestions?

Just wondering what you mean by “lifecycle of engineering”?

A product can be in engineering(still in development - we’re shipping samples and the engineer team processes the order) or in can be released to production(work instructions exist, operations in epicor exist, etc).

Are you already keeping track of these products in E10 somehow?
i.e. some existing table.field(s) you can use for filtering records in your BAQ?

If it helps anyone else, I created a subquery. The subquery displays order #, and countEngineeringParts. To calculate the count of engineering parts(parts have a user defined field indicating if the part is in engineering) I created a case statement that returned a 1 if the part had a lifecycle in engineering else a 0. I then used a sum on the case statement to sum up the number of parts for a given order that have a lifecycle of engineering. Then on the top level I used a filter on the subquery to only show orders where countEngineeringParts == 0.