BAQ to show Empty Bins by Date

I am pretty good at making BAQ’s, but having a hard time creating a report that shows a bin location that recently went to 0 On hand. Any ideas of how to make a report that someone in the warehouse can run that will show all empty bin locations and have date of when it went empty as a criteria?

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PartBin goes poof when the bin is empty. You would have to left join all the bins with the PartBin and where PartBin null shows those. If you want the date you would have to look for the last PartTran with that bin. Should be something to that effect getting you where you want to go.

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I second Joshua’s plan of attack as I have tackled this one previously also.


One quick word of warning, the “FIRST” and “LAST” selectors aren’t always reliable. Might need to summarize the PartTran table and report MAX(TranDate).

Assuming E9 allows MAX as a summary function. V8 does not.

If it doesn’t, you might want to make a BPM that triggers on the PartBin record being deleted, and write the date to the Bin’s WarehouseBin record.


In 10 this type of thing should be a piece of cake, but in 9 you could always do it in an External BAQ if it was easier than finding the magic combination of First Last and Summary flags.

I will give that a try and let you guys know.

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