BAQ to Show Inventory Attributes of a Select Range of Parts

We want to display a BAQ grid on the Kinetic Dashboard that will show a BAQ containing the Inventory Attributes that we are using to track inventory on a select range of parts.
Has anyone experienced getting a BAQ to display inventory attributes?
We are struggling to find the right combination of tables and joins for said tables to get the desired fields to populate.

Have you written the BAQ yet? If not, you should use the “Field Help” to figure out which tables those attributes are located in, then write your BAQ, then create the dashboard.

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Just to clear up some confusion I’m going to attach a screenshot and explain.

As you can see, there is no DB Field for inventory attributes, so what I am asking is how are you supposed to use a BAQ to display the inventory attributes on a range of select parts when there is no DB field tied to the attributes.

We aren’t trying to reference the simple Part attributes, we are trying to reference the Dynamic Inventory Attributes that we created.

What I want is to to create a query that displays current OnHand Inventory for by by their inventory attributes. I want the query to look similar to the dataview of On Hand Inventory Attributes and I’m not sure how to do that.

This is what I want to have my BAQ look like

You have to build the BAQ from the Part Tran table as this contains the attribute details for the part transactions