BAQ with mandatory parameters to excel using REST

Hi Epicor experts.

I have an issue with a BAQ when setting the OData feed. Since it’s a BOM BAQ based on PartNumber, I set parameters for PartNum and Quantity.
This works fine in Excel as long as include parameters in the feed, my question is there a way to dynamically change this parameter?
Trying to have a template that replaces this PartNum parameter, but so far I can’t figure out a practical way to do it.


Any ideas?

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Check this out.


Thank you for the file Brandon, do you have a reference to the article related with power query?
That’s the key issue I have, not really sure how to use the OData feed with dynamic parameters.

I found this article explaining a bit this, but uses a local file.

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It tells you how to do it in the post that I referenced. And you can download the Excel file and see what Andrew is doing as well. I haven’t done it myself, I just know that it’s available to use.