Does anyone know if it’s possible to do a coding loop in a BAQ? What I would like to do is calculate the date a part goes negative in inventory by looping through my SO releases and subtracting off the order quantity until the onhand quantity would go below zero and display the ship date of that order on a dashboard.

Am I asking too much of a BAQ?

Thanks in advance

The Available to Promise function does this on the fly. This data is available in the PartDtl table.

I have done a report like this in E9, but it displayed all the data, not just the below zero record.

Brad Boes

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In addition to Brad’s comments, I think the PartTran will tell you WHEN inventory goes negative - that’s in the past, not into the future. No calculation required for that if what you want is in the past.

Mark W.

You could do this with a CTE… shudder