baqCombo not loading value

I have defined a UD field in the OrderHed table called BusinessUnit_c. It is to represent the prefix we want for every order. Regenerated the model, refreshed IIS, all good.

I have defined a User Code Type of BU, with User Code values of : CFH, CYL, FH etc… the business units that we use.

I have defined a query that lists the various Business Units mentioned above.

I am trying to customize the Order form with a baqCombo taking its values from the query mentioned above, and binding it to the OrderHed.BusinessUnit_c field.

Struggling to make work. The combo operates, but does not show any values.

Any ideas?

Use an epiCombo instead of a BAQ Combo.

Properties should be filled out like this

DisplayMember: CodeID

EpiBOName: UserCodes

EpiColumns: CodeID

EpiDataSetMode: RowsDataSet

EpiTableName: UDCodes

RetrieveOnActivate: True

ValueMember: CodeID

SearchFilter: CodeTypeID = 'BU’

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Thank you so much Zach… that works! That’s awesome… Not sure why I could not get it done with a baqCombo, but oh well… Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you - I was out of office.