I got a problem with my BAQReport, my Task Manager say it’s complete but my file don’t save. I try to generate it by a button click.
he generate if i use the BAQ Report Designer, so I thinks it’s not my SSRS. I try to generate another one(BAQ Report) and It’s work fine. After that I took this code to complete mine, but it doesn’t work at all.
After this I try to do a Tracing with the BAQ Report Designer for seeing the filter and the parameter, but everything seem’s fine !
This is my code

	            var paramRow = _BAQReport.ReportDataSet.BAQReportParam[0];
	            paramRow.BAQID = "EtiquetteST";
	            paramRow.ReportTitle = "Matiere Structurel";
	            paramRow.BAQRptID = ("LabelST");
	            paramRow.ReportID  = ("LabelST");
	            paramRow.TaskNote  = "Etiquette Structurel";
				paramRow.Character01  =path+fileName;
	            paramRow.AgentID  = "System Agent";
	            paramRow.UserID  = session.UserID;
	            paramRow.Filter1  ="<DynamicReportDataSet xmlns=\"\"><BAQReport><Company></Company><BAQRptID>LabelST</BAQRptID><Description>Etiquette pour la matiere Structurel</Description><ReportTitle /><FormTitle>Etiquette pour la matiere Structurel</FormTitle><ExportID>EtiquetteST</ExportID><SystemFlag>false</SystemFlag><Completed>false</Completed><GlobalReport>false</GlobalReport><IsCrystalReport>false</IsCrystalReport><ReportID>LabelST</ReportID><CrystalReportName /><CGCCode /><SSRSReportName>LabelST.rdl</SSRSReportName>"+/*<SysRevID>117324380</SysRevID><SysRowID>8ca844c9-e50c-48f8-b0bd-daeaa3ce67d5</SysRowID>*/"<TempRowID /><BitFlag>0</BitFlag><RowMod /></BAQReport><BAQRptOptionFld><BAQRptID>LabelST</BAQRptID><DataTableID>PartBin</DataTableID><FieldName>LotNum</FieldName><CompOp>=</CompOp> <Seq>1</Seq> <DefaultValue /> <FieldLabel>Lot Number</FieldLabel> <DisplayName>PartBin_LotNum</DisplayName><FieldFormat>x(30)</FieldFormat> <EpiGuid>f5ad598d-6aea-40e7-9f61-7b894a1b89f0</EpiGuid> <IsVisible>false</IsVisible> <DataType>nvarchar</DataType> <SystemFlag>false</SystemFlag> <DispOrder>0</DispOrder>" /*<SysRevID>117324687</SysRevID><SysRowID>cbc4b2e2-f871-429e-907c-016e952aaa9f</SysRowID>*/+"<FieldValue>" + lot + "</FieldValue><TempRowID>Field1</TempRowID><BitFlag>0</BitFlag><RowMod /></BAQRptOptionFld></DynamicReportDataSet>";
	            paramRow.Option01  = lot;
	            //paramRow.Option01  = "0";
	            paramRow.AutoAction = "SSRSPREVIEW"; //Imprimer le rapport.
	            paramRow.SSRSRenderFormat = "PDF";
	            paramRow.ReportStyleNum = 1; //
	            _BAQReport.SubmitToAgent("System Agent", 0, 0, "LabelST");

PS : The folder is create so it can’t be my path !

So SysTask monitor shows the report as COMPLETE on the history tab, but does not show in the reports tab?

Does it print properly if you setup a menu item for the BAQ Report?

I don’t realy need to print it. Only to generate the PDF file. But yes in History Tasks/Task Detail : it’s write COMPLETE and in the Reports he does not appear and the PDF file is not generate

Not sure if that will help… but in order to see it in the history tab, (i did not see it in your post) specify the ReportParam.ArchiveCode… … when you run a report it is “Période d’archive”… under our 10.0 version by default it would be current day…but since 10.2 it is no longer saved in Reports unless I specify a value…

At least you would be able to view it … and if all ok, would help better direct your search…


If I understand what you said I need to add the param.ArchiveCode to a date like today ?
Because im on 10.2.300

It is a code you need.
Test a working report, indicate say “week” (the one I use for testing) and look into the trace what value it used… and copy the same in your code.

My report work well by the BAQ Report Designer. I can see it. And the code I change work well on another Report. I change all parameter for my new Report.