BAQView Replacing a Grid Binding - cleanup?

Worked through this video by Jose Gomez, works like magic :
BAQView Replacing a Gird Binding - YouTube

One question, though. In the video example, CreateLateBAQView( ) is declared within InitializeCustomCode( ).
Should there be a counterpart in DestroyCustomCode( ) to clean up, or is this step not needed with this technique ?


Ken Brunelli

public void InitializeCustomCode( )
// ** Wizard Insert Location - Do not delete 'Begin/End Wizard Added Variable Initialization' lines **
// Begin Wizard Added Variable Initialization

// End Wizard Added Variable Initialization

// Begin Wizard Added Custom Method Calls

// End Wizard Added Custom Method Calls

			CreateLateBAQView( );
	} //   end InitializeCustomCode( )

Nice, I’ve had to do the add column to grid many times and its performance
is terrible. He said this works with read only grids. Think it would be
possible to get it to work with an Updateable BAQ and a entry grid? Just
If if not its still a better solution than looping through the grid to
update a column value.

Thank you,
Nathan Woolen

Also I think you are correct it should be destroyed probably just clearing
the baqViewLate = null; in destroy section would do it.


There are ways to get it wot work with updatable grids. Tut there are better solutions to that. What specific are you trying to do @Nathan_Woolen
@KayToo you should be fine no cleanup necessary, its just an EpiDatView if you want you can dispose it on Destroy. But I believe since it is added to the collection in oTrans it will dispose with the rest of them when you close. If you put events on it those will have to be cleaned up on Destroy (Column Change, Notify Events etc)

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@Josecgomez I guess the business case would be to add a field(Not included
in the dataset) to a list grid some like shipto list in customer
maintenance but you also want to be able to make changes to the line. This
would be where a UD field is not allowed to store the bound reference. I
don’t have this need at the moment but it would be where I would try
something like this.


Most places where the grid is updatable automatically include the UD fields as an option. But yes there are ways around it. If you run into something let me know and I’ll fiddle with it for ya