Barcode Scanner Intermec CK71 over TS; no hyphen

I would like to hear from anyone using a Intermec / Honeywell CK71 scanner and the HandHeld client. I am setting this combo up right now and am running into the issue that I am no longer able to enter a hyphen “-”. Intermec is aware of the issue and has a work around that allows you to assign a Function Key to any character. Problem is that even this work-around still doesn’t work. Before going back to Intermec, has anyone ran into this issue before? I know many are using the CK71 with good results, and I imagine there might even be some of you that use hyphens in their job numbers…



You could always handle character conversion on your specific forms (change any “%” to “-” for example)… the big pitfall is that you would have to do that for every screen where you needed that to happen.

Other things I have been thinking of:
-No more hyphens in Epicor
-A little label with the barcode for a hyphen symbol tied to each scanner


I am trying to use the Input Panel (=On Screen Keyboard) as an option to enter a hyphen. In order to do so I assigned it to a key. The panel launches, but closes almost right away no matter how long the key is pressed in.
Looks like this option is a bust as well, unless anyone has a hack for this?

Update; I got the hyphen to work when I upgraded the Intermec CK71 barcode scanners from v1.30 to v1.50. At this point the current patch level is 1.64, which I might go to later. In addition to the jump to 1.50 I also had to set the Virtual Wedge method to “Character Mode” in Settings/System/Intermec Settings. The function key remap utility is no longer needed.

Side note: installed the RDM_keepBusy app as well to stop it from dropping the RDM/Terminal Server connection after inactivity.

Also installed the SR12081600_MSC_Cx70WM65_ALL.CAB patch to get rid of the annoying and ugly grid lines covering the Epicor HH client. It works on the CK71 as well.


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