Barcoding a string of fields


I finally managed to print the Job#, Assembly#, and Operation# in a
single barcode on the traveler. This shaves a few steps off of the
data collection steps when clocking in.

I followed Vic Drecchio's advice and got a couple of Symbol LS2208
scanners. The description below will work for this model only, for
other scanner I imagine you have to follow similar steps but using
different parameters.

My scanners did not come with documentation, so I had to get the
Symbol LS2208 Product Reference Guide (P/N 72E-58808-06 Rev. A) from
the Symbol site:

Since I am using an USB interface, I had to scan an initial code from
this manual: "HID Keyboard Emulation" (Page 7 - 5)

The next parameter to scan from the manual is the "Enable Code 39"
(Page 12 - 24)

The third and last parameter code to scan is "Enable Code 39 Full
ASCII" (Page 12 - 28)

Next you need to fire up Crystal Reports and get into your traveler
form. Here I created a new Formula Field that I called "@BSJobAsmOp"
and filled it with the following string:
"*" + trim({jobhead.JOBNUM} + "$M" + trim(totext({jobasmbl.ASMSEQ}))
+ "$M"
+ trim(totext({JOBOPER.OPRSEQ}))) + "$M" + "*"

The "$M" operator gets interpreted by the scanner as an "ENTER"
command from the keyboard. "$I" would be a tab, but "$M" seemed to
work best for me.

I placed the newly created formula field in the "Details P" section
of the report so it prints with each new operation. This way the
shop employee doesn't have to flip back and forth through a traveler
in order to scan his clock punch in, which shaves another few seconds
off of the operation.

All together it works pretty slick. Also; the LS2208 manual has a
plethora of additional codes to simulate keystroke sequences. There
are so many other applications...


Paul Siebers