Barcoding Help Needed - Starting From Ground Zero

I was wondering if there is a post on here that will help me understand what i need to know, to get barcoding up and running for parts already made in our system, ie in part entry/maintenance. My company is against the idea of investing in a 3rd party at the moment. I have read quick snippets on here that I believe epicor has this capability, similar to the job traveler barcode. But since I have only basic knowledge of epicor, I need a little guidance.

In SSRS, set the textbox for which you want the BarCode to the following font.
DataWorks Bar 39. Note: copy and paste/type in, you will not find on list.
Then set the textbox expression to = "*" & PartNum & "*"
Obviously setting PartNum to the part number field that corresponds to your report data definition, i.e. MtlPartNum, etc.

Be prepared to translate special characters in PartNum using something like =replace(PartNum, “[”, “%K”)

You should soon work out that the list below is about 92% accurate.

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Make sure you have that font installed on your print server, not just your local machine where you test.


I was in your place a while back and used the below to generate barcodes in SSRS. You need to add some references there and a few lines of code but I remember it worked perfectly.


Thank you. I will definitely check this out.