Bartender and BAQ Reports

Building some BAQ reports to use with bartender. I have everything built correct as I have other bartender reports using standard data definitions, and have BAQ reports running for SSRS reports working with no problem.

There must be something I am missing for the two to work together. I have the BAQ report built, a style pointing to the correct .bt file and a output location which is the same as my other bartender reports. When I run the report to get the text output file for Bartender, I get no file in that directory but the task agent says the report was complete.

Any ideas on what I am missing?

From my research, the issue seems to be the BartenderReportWriter fails because there is no primary table set (because its BAQ not a table). I played with forcing it via XML, and while its possible to do so, it still doesnt work because once you set a primary table in the RDD, it no longer interprets the RDD datasource as a BAQ… so it doesnt work. This all might be possible (and super awesome) if Epicor would change the BartendReportWriter to not require a Primary Table if its a BAQ source (or allow you to define the primary BAQ if needed)