Bartender | generating duplicated data from RDD

Hi Guys,

I don’t know where to reach, is it to Epicor support or Bartender support but need your input here.
I am having a Job Traveller report, I selected the Base Report data definition and when I am generating the Map File from the Generate button on print preview dialog box.
the file generates successfully but the data in there is redundant.
by this reason the printer is getting a lot of duplicate prints and we had to shut down the printer to stop printer.

First Question is that

  1. By any chance does anybody has a clue in what area should I troubleshoot more
  2. How to clear the Printer Queue which still has the left printouts to be printed.

Note: I have used the System RDD Jobtrav
please share even small hint.

Thanks in Advance

To clear your stacked up prints, go to Windows > Printers & Scanners > Click the printer name that is overloaded > Click Open Queue. Here you should see all the jobs lined up, and you can select and cancel them.

Always preview your report print instead of sending it directly to the printer. This will save you headaches in the future. Once you are sure you have the dataset filtered correctly, then you can directly print it.

The preview should give you an idea of why there is duplicate data. Without seeing the data we can’t tell what might be duplicating it. Can you tell us if you made any changes to the RDD?