BarTender Implementation for Gov Cloud - Help Needed


We are looking at implementing BarTender into our Gov Cloud instance. I wanted to see if anyone has done this in the past. Any tips, tricks, or pitfalls with the process would be greatly appreciated.

Epicor provides a shared folder on the server that you can drop your files into and transfer to your server that is running BT. It is all within the same GOV environment, so just as protected.


Very cool! I sent a ticket over to the cloud team to have them set that up for us.

My question is how does Epicor know that Bartender is requesting a file? I assume you generate the file using a bpm and that Bartender can read a file with its Integrator module at a specific file location. But I don’t know where the call for generating that file comes from.

As standard, the files are generated when using a report style with a report type of ‘BarTender Labels’.

I could never seem to get non-standard reports to work with this method, however. We ended up creating some Epicor functions to be able to generate files in the required format from BAQ results.


This post is the holy grail for this by the way:

How to Print from Epicor using BarTender