Basic currency question

According to the dictionary the “RPT1, RPT2, and RPT3” are the 'reporting currency value of the appropriate field.

In my demo environment, I picked a USD based customer, entered an item on an order for $100 and at the header level, the value of OrderAmt is $100. Yet the value of Rpt1OrderAmt is $2,035.68. RPT2 & 3 are blank.

What does RPT1OrderAmt (and all the other RPT1 fields) actually represent??

You need to check your reporting currency setup in Currency setup.

And then you need to check your currency exchange rates.

Rpt1OrderAmount will be in whatever currency is in rpt currency slot 1, and it will be $100 * CurrExchRate record for that currency and USD, for that date, etc… Depends on how you have your exchage rates set up.

In general, once you set up a reporting currency, the system will go back through all subledger financial transactions and convert the standard value fields to RPTCurrency values and plug them in to the correct fields (they mirror the standard value fields).

Not to be confused with the ‘Doc’ fields as they are for transactions that can happen multiple currencies like Orders and Quotes. (eg, the Customer’s Currency is Euros, but the base company currency is UK Pounds, so the ORderAmount will be in UK Pounds and the DocOrderAmt will be in Euros).

The system will then maintain these fields moving forward, for every transaction.
These do NOT affect the GL, which is ALWAYS in your base currency.




I have a question on updating currency exchange rate. We have accidentally entered a wrong currency exchange rate on a certain date, we fixed that on Exchange Rate Entry but can’t manage to get the Rpt1InvcAmt on InvoiceHead updated to reflect the corrected exchange rate.

It doesn’t work like that. Invc transactions store the exchange rate on the transaction. You’ll need to edit the transaction (not sure if you can change the exchange rate) or issue a credit/debit to adjust the invoice to the correct amount.

Thanks, Mike. I thought this one is calculated unrelated to posting mechanism. This explains why I can’t match up Exchange rate from invoice table calculated on the same day with exchange rate of that day on ExRate table of that day.

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