BASIC QUESTION: How get cost of manufactured part?

PREFACE: I have no familiarity with Epicor at the part level.

That said, I’m trying to help ownership get a list of all the parts we manufacture that have a BOM and assemble a total cost for that part.

I’ve done this via the API but the process is slow – and I’m wondering if there’s an efficient existing tool inside the client that would help me find that out for them?

Thanks all!

Probably the easiest way to do that is to use Costing Workbench and do a cost rollup. You don’t have to post the rollup (set the standard cost) but you should be able to get a report of all the parts and the rolled up cost.


We are average cost so just use the BOM Cost report.


Good call @Matt_Belshaw

I forgot about that guy. (I haven’t used it either, which it probably why)

Thanks guys… the report is ugly but that’s better than the coding option and is much faster.

The costing workbench is new to everyone here. We have no idea what that is LOL but it’s looks interesting enough to look into training videos on it.

Thanks again. :+1:

Yeah, it’s kind of a bear to understand, but it’s useful.

Follow up … got a quote from Epicor Professional Services to write an export that rolls up BOM costs by parent part vs. using the ugly BOM Costing report – which is horrible in extracting in any meaningful way to get to raw data.

They replied … ~$23,000

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: … really?!

How detailed are you trying to get?

If you just want the material, it’s just a recursive BOM query with some costs thrown in, right? I guess if you want all parts at once, that’s not so useful. Or if you need labor or subcontract estimates, this gets trickier.

Another thought - Make a sales order in your test DB with every part, all make-direct, and run MRP and then query off the resulting jobs (filtered to ones linked to order 9999 or whatever - I would deliberately use an order number below my starting number and make it memorable).

23k - eek!

And ditto - I forgot (maybe deliberately) about that existing report.

92 hours seems a bit stiff but if you can do it for less with a BAQ you for sure should! Shop around reach out to VARS as well.

They said “there is specific code in the process that makes it impossible to perform with a BAQ”, and they’d have to write some BPM code and hybrid reverse-engineer the BOM report to accomplish this.

I’m not even going to present this to leadership – for fear of getting laughed out of the room.

For the ugly BOM cost report, you could change the output format to CSV, then at least you get one row per part to work with in Excel. It’s still ugly in that you need to delete unnecessary and redundant columns, but at least it’s closer to a useable format than the PDF.

Or, if this is something you run and refresh regularly, you could create a new Report Style and delete all of the fields and labels that you don’t need, then export it as a CSV. Should give you the same numbers as the full BOM cost report, but without all of the clutter.


Yeah, this attempt at having them write a BAQ was a seemingly “easier” pay-vs-build way rather than modifying/editing the SSRS output.

Agree with @bsiller … if the BOMCost dataset works for your needs and your only qualm is that it’s ugly, then spend the $2-3k on building something off of that…

That’s a really high hourly rate you’re implying there… I hope that’s not what they charge you lol.

250 is pretty standard these days. No idea their hourly but I went with the mean of what i’ve been seeing. CSG is not a cheap endeavor.

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a bit late here, but i am new to Epicor v.10 and any idea where can i find the training video? my background is in cost (QAD system)

@Jeff_Owens is the goal to get a detailed Itemized list of what makes up the cost of a manufactured part or just a list of parts and the BOM cost summarized
Is the goal to get a massive list all at once or would they want to run it as needed as they are selling a part?

Yes @Craig , the idea was to get an entire list, across all parent parts (as a BAQ maybe filtered by group or something) similar to:

Parent PartNum, Description, BOM Material Cost (Sum), BOM Labor Cost (Sum), Base/Unit Selling Price

We’re doing this so we can find “fat fingered” part cost variances where someone may have attributed too much BOM material or whatever (in terms of quantity) that is skewing the cost of the parent part.

Yeah, I concur @jgiese.wci … I think $225-ish rates is what I’ve heard amongst peers for CSG. For this quote, it was ~30 design + ~70 engineering.

LOL @ 100 hours. It took me like…a day…to build a cost-rollup tool in SQL\SSRS and I even included dials to adjust efficiency and economy of scale. I don’t think there was anything in it that couldn’t also be accomplished with a recursive BAQ/dashboard.

Would you mind sharing it?