Basic Questions About Scheduling And Resources


we started to use Epicor scheduling module, albeit we do not have Advance Planning and Scheduling module. I am trying to understand how it works and I have some questions.

When I set 2 resources for an operation, the system would choose between them or they have to be both available to manufacture? How can I set up the resources so the system chooses between them? Do I need APS module to do so?

I really appreciate it if someone could help me with this.

You would have two resources in a group. On the operation, specify the group. When scheduling, the system will find available time on either of the two resources that has available time.

You can see how the job is scheduled afterwards by looking at details/operations/scheduled resources.


Thank you so much for your response. What if I have 3 resources within a resource group and choose 2 of them? does the system still find the available time on either of them or both of them would be required to manufacture?

You can specify one resource group, or one resource group and a resource. If you specify just a resource group, Epicor will select a resource with available time. If you specify a resource AND a resource group, Epicor will schedule that operation to run on only that resource regardless of how many are in the group.

If the system allows calling out dual resources for an operation, I haven’t tested that, and can’t comment on how that occurs (or if it works as expected).


The max number of resources that you can put on an operation is 2, unless you have the advanced module. If you put two resources on one operation, the system will schedule both of them because you are telling the system that you need these two resources to do the operation. If you added two RG, it would schedule one resource from each group.

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